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October 19, 2011

K.N.O.W. October 16, 2011

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This demonstration took place right before #Occupy Kalamazoo rally in Bronson Park.

Several people from K.N.O.W. marched to Bronson to Park in solidarity.

October 2, 2011

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  When we finished, a call came through from a school in Los Planes El Salvador.  The exhibit stayed up through February, 2011.   I gave  a presentation,

  Waters Of Hope presentation to  Theo Cypress’s International Studies Dept, on February 11, 2011

In November, 2010,   I sent a Clean Water For The World water purification unit,

 to Jose Lopez, with a delegation from St Thomas More Church, Kalamazoo, MI.   I was slated to bring the unit on my January 2011 trip to El Salvador,

but my plans changed due to a newly scheduled trip, Feb 2011 trip to Ecuador with 2 units.   St Thomas More’s November 2010 delegation to El Salvador,

took the system to  Jose.

The moment, at 12 noon  on Jan 29th 2011, that we decided to  lock the KVCC  exhibit,  the teacher I had met in April 2010, at a school in Los Planes, El Salvador

called to share their 1st drink of clean water  with meJose’s Team had finished their unit’s installation at the same time  as our KVCC project

I visited Los Planes in March, 2011 to visit the school and see the unit  providing clean water.

My 12 yrs of involvement, with the Salvadorans, has taught me to not be too surprised at coincidents.


Oswaldo Photo Collage (2)

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Photo 1
,  In April 2010, Oswaldo & I drove out to a body

shop, 20 miles from Santa Tecla While waiting for friends to arrive

We saw a pet, baby deer eating with several dogs.

He ran over to us, in a pet me  mode.

Bambi, seemed to be unique to El Salavdor.

Photo 2, The Oswaldo  family &  Cook & sell hot puposa,

on weekend nights.   In March, 2011, their 4 yr daughter, Nazareth,

offered to help her mother prepare tortilla dough.

Without being told she, she washed her hands & dug in.

October 1, 2011

Ben Ciuffa’s Notes From El Salvador

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I’ll start sending posts from El Salvador on March 9th, the week before the Sunday 3/15/09 election.

In 2004, the main Parties, FMLN & Arena shut their campaigns down with giant rallies on the weekend of 3/7 & 3/8.

The week, before that election, was filled with disturbing events.  The Newspapers reported that the U.S. State Department announced that all Green-Carded Salvadorenos would be deported back to E.S, if the leftist (FMLN) candidate won.

Rumors were widely circulated that employers had ways to monitor their employees’ voting.   Several of my collegues from Norway were forced to lie, face-down, at the Cyber cafe, near out guest houses.  Their passports were taken, but not their wallets or money!

The actual election was observed as fair and open.  The voters in Citesojutepeque proudly, excercised their democratic rights under a peaceful, hot sky that day.

Note:  Click on a photo for an enlarged view.            Election observation activities are adminitered by The CIS.

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