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September 18, 2011

Bottle Recyling Anniversary At San Jose Villanueva Mtg.

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 May 1, 2010, Jose Rodolfo Lopez & I attended a Sunday,  outdoor community meeting, marking 1 year of plastic bottle recycling at the area school.  We passed around, copies of a photo taken at the school, in May 2010,  on our first visit to see the school after a friend suggested * they try recycling plastic bottles so the students could take purified water to their families from the Clean Water For the World  purification unit, that we installed in November 2009.

Click on image for enlarged view

The photestedo copies were eagerly passed to one another, with comments and glee.  We drove away, pleased that there was a mood of hope in this community.

* Oswsaldo Antonio Segura suggested the recycling program         Ben Ciuffa






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