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September 21, 2009

Brazilian Ethanol Taxed $.54 cents a gallon, Still True?

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OCTOBER 2011    BP Just announced that they are buying a Brazizlan ethanol company

This was 1st published in 2008, after I arrived from Cenral America…where I had met Swedish auditors who were ready to declare Brazil’s Ethanol  GREEN!

Brazilian  Ethanol Taxed $.54 cents a gallon.  

GOOGLE: Brazian Ethanol

One Small Step toward Energy independence Ben R. Ciuffa 7-26-08 

NOTE: * Renewable Fuels Association is made up of Agra-business lobbyists.

While Americans are paying record prices at Gas pumps, Ethanol from Brazil could save over $10
per 20 gallon fill up. A 54 cent/gallon secondary tariff was enacted by Congress in 1980 to protect U.S. “interests”.

Kenneth Rapoza, Dow Jones Newswires, reported, July 11th 2008, that the Renewable Fuels Association* , that day sent a letter to President George W. Bush urging him not to stray from the $0.54-a-gallon duty on Sugar-based ethanol from Brazil.

If there had been no $.54/tariff, Brazilian Ethanol would have been a cost saver long before American-produced Ethanol became cost-effective

Contrary to widespread rumors, Brazil is not cutting down the rainforests nor straining world food costs. This month, Sweden signed contracts with Brazilian Ethanol producers, after this Green-conscious, country concluded that this product did not threaten Brazil’s environment.

The US Congress should work to drop the $.54/gal. Duty on a product that would give an instant a savings of $10 per 20 gallon fill up. This could also relieve the rising cost of corn.
This is a silver bullet that would could be fired NOW, while America works toward long term energy-independence! A small reduction in U.S. Fuel demand would answer the supply & demand apologists.

An Oil executive is quoted as saying: “If you signal to the market that the world’s biggest fuel transportation economy is addressing this issue, it will eventually affect (gasoline and corn ) prices.”

- I urge the readers to research Brazil’s Ethanol on the Internet. Then contact elected officials and candidates for their answers.

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