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Kalamazoo Gazette Letters to the Editor Published May 6, 2006

A Hispanic Palestine in the US?

Recently, the govt. announced raids on 2,400, Hispanic refugees, in a display of toughness, aimed at countering the recent success of the peaceful mass demonstrations. Despite which side of this issue you are on, this action was yet another blunder by the Bush Keystone Kops.

This blunder may be the costliest, yet, because the millions of Hispanics refugees, may have been Palestinized!. The recent demonstrations in several large cities had more in common than the Spanish language. The masses were absolutely peaceful. They discarded the Latino flags, used in the first demonstrations in a peaceful response to a backlash of complaints.

The Latino labor leaders have organized a set of demonstrations, aimed at demonstrating solidarity with peoples world wide who observe the workers holiday of May 1st.

My concern is that the Keystone Kops have, carelessly, released a poisoned balloon that may spew violence over the planned demonstrations, neighborhoods and the work place.

The Hispanic people, in our borders, will not be exiled as the Palestinians will never leave their homeland. Unlike the Holy Land, a simple peaceful solution to the refugee program is at hand. A program of massive US aid to Mexico could create a magnet that could reverse the refugee flow in a few years, by building mega trade centers similar to those in place in Asia for decades. Unlike the Middle East, dollars spent in Mexico will benefit people on both sides of the border rather than being lost in far off deserts.

Has the US blundered into the 1st step of creating its own Palestine or is there still time & resources to correct the root cause of the refugees’ Northern migration?

Posted in qufa.blogspot  August 2006