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Kalamazoo Gazette  Letters to the Editor
December 2002

Solving the Root Cause Of Mexican Refugees

The abject poverty that most Mexicans live in is a major reason for the tide of families flowing North. 4 yrs ago I developed a plan that couldn't get traction, partly due to my limited lobbying resources and university contacts.   (2006 Blog comment)

Huge mega-industrial complexes should be built, in Mexico, with the assistance of the Japanese developers who first put them in Japan, then Taiwan & Korea. These centers could be located in remote areas with dormatories, training facilities, banks stores, all as part of a system dedicated to the production of products that off-shore firms agree to implant in Mexico.

It's in the best interests of the Asian economic giants and the EU and the US, for strategicaly located Mexico to become a 1st world nation. Ideally a new technology could be nurtured and grown in one of these Giant centers.

This could, also, be an ideal way for the US to forge alliances with this hemisphere's Goverments including the leftist regimes. This gesture of accommandation, for the common good of a sister state that has been bleeding for over a century, could change the collision course of US dealings in Latin America.

Whatever the US investment costs, it will be less than patrolling the border and the other expenditures, associated with dealing with the refugees from the south. This is not 1960....the realities of social reform DO NOT translate into military threats on their borders.

The social ills caused by poverty ...made worse, in many cases, by corruption and the drug trafficing industry will need to be neutralized... in areas surrounding the Mega-Centers. This may be as difficult as the building the centers & breathing life into them.

Forging a true Pan American alliance of the US, Mexico, Venzuela, Chile, Brasil, Bolivia could spread social & economic development South,ushering in a new Golden Era...that would be grander than the Zapotecs, Aztecs, Mayans and the other Central American idiginous peoples a 1,000 years before Christ. The role that the US plays could hasten this new age.

An Econommic Union is coming...Northward from the Left.  This plan can help assure that Central America stays at peace with their borders.